Mailway update - November 2021

Mailway logo

Mailway is an email forwarding service I launched a year ago (December 2020). To learn more about the service please visit the website: Mailway.

The stack is about the following: all email services are written in Golang, the routing configuration is stored in Workers KV, the dashboard uses Cloudflare Workers and the frontend is using React.

See the complete technical architecture.

User base

At the time of writing, the numbers are the following:

Emails metrics

In average 1647 emails were received per day during the past 2 weeks:

Graph average emails received per day

Self-hosted instances

Mailway’s service can be self-hosted. Currently 45 self-hosted instances have been created but we don’t have any visiblity into them.

The Mailway Docker image has been pulled more than 10K times.


Since the launch, we had no major outages. Partly thanks to Mailway’s design.

During the last month the API’s availability was good:

API availability

Reach out

Say hello: [email protected].

Ping me on Twitter: @svensauleau.