The pipeline operator is already available in JavaScript

What is this?

This refers to the proposal

Define the compose function

While is the official symbol in mathematics, it's not a valid JavaScript identifier.
I will be using which looks like the pipe operator |> in most languages.

String.prototype.ᐅ = function(f) {
  return f(this)

Note that it's a new method on JavaScript's String object. It could work the same on every object (even on Object).


This is the same example as in the proposal.

function doubleSay (str) {
  return str + ", " + str;
function capitalize (str) {
  return str[0].toUpperCase() + str.substring(1);
function exclaim (str) {
  return str + '!';

let result = "hello"
  .ᐅ (doubleSay)
  .ᐅ (capitalize)
  .ᐅ (exclaim)

result //=> "Hello, hello!"

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