Hi, I'm Sven.

French software engineer, fascinated by JavaScript engines and apparently trains.

OSS enthusiast; working on JavaScript, Babel, webpack, WebAssembly and some bits of Rust.

My projects


Rust plugin for Webpack


Render async Stateless Functional Components in React


Toolbox for configuration


The Fibonacci sequence using Forth language with only two words


Interface and tooling for running on KVM


Monitor container healthchecks


Transform startsWith into raw char code tests


the new way for emails


Compose filters


Rollup/Browserify as a service


When it's time to fuzzy-search into your bash aliases and functions


Your next contribution starts here. Help open-source projects one issue at a time.


Better error visualization for client-side applications


Char codes constants and AOT transform (used in Babel).

Byte Arena

Digital Playground for Intelligent Agents.

… see more on GitHub: github.com/xtuc.


  1. Lambda Calculus - Functional condition
  2. The pipeline operator is already available in JavaScript
  3. Disassemble a Go binary
  4. Safe JavaScript interop in Reasonml
  5. A side-effect free Haskell program?
  6. Use a configuration directory with Babel
  7. Create a simple type checker
  8. How does a string comparison actually work?
  9. Integer to string conversion
  10. Movement physics with vectors
  11. ES2015 Const Declarations in Babel
  12. Monadic logging
  13. Your own refactoring tool!
  14. How does file type detection work?
  15. What will bundling WebAssembly look like for C?
  16. Writing WebAssembly by hand with Webpack
  17. JavaScript's BigInt in WebAssembly!
  18. Test if a WebAssembly feature is supported
  19. How I reduced the amount of spam sent to me
  20. SNI support in SMTP
  21. Mailway update - November 2021
  22. Speed of light in Fibers
  23. Mailway update - November 2022

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